How to get more followers on your instagram?

5 Tips to Get More Views On Instagram Pictures Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Instagram is known for being a picture-based social media platform. Even though the company added 15-second video abilities within the past year, pictures are still king on the platform. If you are new toContinue reading “How to get more followers on your instagram?”

10 Lifestyle photographers you must follow.

1- My Little Moana Professional French photographer based in Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia. Roman and his wife worked 5 years in New Zealand before deciding to move back to Malaysia and created ”My Little Moana”. We love photography… The natural moments of connection of your family, through big open hearts, is what I’m after. It’s a mixContinue reading “10 Lifestyle photographers you must follow.”

What to wear during my Photo Shoot?

The selection of proper clothing for your portrait is a critical factor in the preparation for a successful portrait. If the clothing is noticeable or overbearing in a portrait, it could easily become a distraction. Clothing that does not attract attention to itself is the ultimate goal. It could be the difference between a veryContinue reading “What to wear during my Photo Shoot?”

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