What camera gears are you using?

I started photography back in 2005 while backpacking in Vietnam for the first time. Back then DSLR were extremely expensive and the only camera than i could buy was a Nikon F55 film camera..

  • Nikon F55 Film camera
Nikon F55

The F55 (or N55 as it is known in the U.S.) is a 35mm film SLR autofocus camera introduced by Nikon in 2002. It was targeted at a new and lower price-point than the F65 (previously Nikon’s cheapest autofocus SLR).

Nikon d3000
Vietnam 2005 (Sapa)

I got hooked with photography & kept practicing as much as I could but I had to wait 2010 to purchase my first DSLR, ”Nikon D3000 with kit lens 18-55mm and 55-200mm”

Nikon d3000

The Nikon D3000 is a 10.2-megapixel DX format DSLR Nikon F-mount camera announced by Nikon on 30 July 2009. It replaces the D40 as Nikon’s entry level DSLR.

China, Beijing 2010

What lenses I was using in 2010?

Nikon 18-55mm F3.5-5.6

Nikon 18-55mm

Nikon 55-200 F4-5.6

Nikon 55-200mm

Nikon 70-300mm F4-5.6

Nikon 70-300mm

Camera Update in 2012

Nikon D7000

The Nikon D7000 is a 16.2-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) model announced by Nikon on September 15, 2010. At the time of announcement, it replaced the outdated D300/D300s & D90.

Lens upgrade

Nikon 18-105mm

Nikon 18-105mm

Nikon 35mm F1.8

Nikon 35mm

Nikon D7000
New Zealand 2012

I worked 6 years in New Zealand as a professional photographer, capturing beautiful moments of families and children. This job allowed me to broaden my knowledge and to create My Little Moana today.


Nikon D810

The Nikon D810 is a 36.3-megapixel professional-grade full-frame digital single-lens reflex camera produced by Nikon. The camera was officially announced in June 2014, and became available in July 2014.Nikon D810

Nikon 70-200mm VR F2.8

Nikon 70-200mm VR1

Nikon 50mm F1.8

Nikon 50mm

Samyang 14mm F2.8

Samyang 14mm

Nikon D810
Tajikistan 2015


Nikon D4

The camera was released in February 2012 at a recommended retail price of $5999.95. It is the first camera to use the new XQD memory cards. It was replaced by the D4S as Nikon’s flagship camera. The Nikon D4 is aimed at sports and action photographers and photojournalists.

Tamron 24-70mm F2.8

Tamron 24-70mm

Nikon 70-200mm VR2 F2.8

Nikon 70-200mm VR2


Published by My Little Moana

Time goes fast and how important it is to record those fleeting moments that make up this wild thing we call 'life'. That is why I feel, more strongly then ever, that it is very crucial to be as unobtrusive as I can be when making photographs of families so that I do not interrupt those moments that make this whole thing worthwhile and precious. To document those little moments that you will look back on and make you smile is not just for you, the parent, but more so for your children. For them to have an honest record of how your life and family were in truth. Life is too short not to.

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